Child Support Collection - Illinois Department of Health & Family Services - Account Review

If you are involved in a case where the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services (HFS) is either: 1) helping you get child support OR 2) collecting child support from you, then you may need to get an "Account Review" done if you do not agree with the balance HFS shows as being owed in this case. You can request an "Account Review" from HFS for court purposes and/or to show that the amount indicated by HFS as being owed is incorrect. You will need to send them a request to do this in writing and attach all of the court orders, payment ledgers and other documents that help you establish what you want to prove. For example, if a payment was made but not recorded by HFS, then you will want to provide a copy of the returned check proving the payment.

Here is a link to an Information Sheet from HFS and then a SAMPLE form letter I created as a suggested form to look at to make the request. You may need to modify the letter to suit your situation.

Link to Info Shee…

Update: Will County Courthouse Construction - January 2019


Will County Courthouse Construction - May to August 2018 - Time Lapse


Will County Courthouse Construction Status - Demo Time Lapse - Demolition of First Midwest Ban...


Courthouse Demo 2018 03 06 wrecking ball


Will County Breaks Ground on New Courthouse

I have blogged in the past (click here) about the new Will County Courthouse plans. Well the county has broken ground and crews will soon start to demolish the old First Midwest Bank Building to prepare the site. It is located on the city block between the old courthouse and City Hall. From my office on Chicago Street, I will have a front row seat to the construction and plan to bring regular updates

This will be the county's latest building project in recent history - a nearly $200 million 10 story building, 365,000 square-feet with 38 courtrooms (we now only have 23). The plan envisions a two-story glass lobby, 6 six security screening stations (we now have only 2) with areas to line up. The current courthouse was never designed for modern security so there are often long wait lines stretching out to Jefferson street some mornings. They will also have escalators on the first several floors to move people to their courtrooms much faster that the 4 elevators that serve the current …

Repeal of deduction for alimony payments. One year delay in implementing.

So under the new tax plan approved by Congress (awaiting presidential approval) alimony will NOT be tax deductible. A strange result given that our president is on his third wife and reportedly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in alimony to his former wives.

What does the new tax bill do? Compare the current law and the tax law as approved by the House and Senate.

CURRENT LAW: Alimony and separate maintenance payments are deductible by the payor spouse and includible in income by the recipient spouse. Child support payments are not treated as alimony and is tax neutral.

PROPOSED LAW: (about to get signed) Alimony and separate maintenance payments are NOT deductible by the payor spouse and repeals the Tax Code provisions that specify that alimony and separate maintenance payments are included in income. The treatment of child support is not changed.

WHEN IS THIS EFFECTIVE? When signed by the president. this change becomes effective for any divorce or separation agreement entered afte…