Saturday, August 20, 2016

Parenting Classes in Will County - status as of August 2016

Illinois' Supreme Court Rules require that anyone getting a divorce complete parenting classes before the divorce is granted. In Will County judges often require that the parents complete the parenting classes in paternity cases as well. Sometimes the requirement can be waived when the only minor child is 17 years old. IMPORTANT: You will not be able to complete your divorce unless the parent that files for the divorce completes the parenting class and has his or her certificate of completion at the final court date. If the parent that didn't file the divorce refuses or fails to complete the class, the judge usually suspends his or her court-ordered parenting time/visitation - at least  until the class is completed and the certificate filed with the court.

Traditionally in Will County, the University of Saint Francis conducted all the parenting classes in person at one of their facilities. The registration process started at: - cost: $90.00

However in the Summer of 2016, that process became uncertain when the University suddenly stopped or suspended providing the classes. As of the writing of this blog, they had not resumed class - or at least never let divorce attorneys it has resumed. I did call the registration number on 8/20/2016 and the recording still referenced parenting class registration as open. (815) 740-3600

In response the uncertainty of the University, the divorce court now allows parents to get parenting classes completed online and provided the links below to approved classes. I'll try to update any changes but sometimes, the lawyers are the last to know. - cost: $80.00 - cost: $50.00 (must have Windows computer)