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Facebook - The new frontier for divorce

I found an article out of England (see below) that seems to confirm some of my thoughts on what recently may be a trend driving divorces. Facebook pages. I've got one, you might have one, your spouse might have one and we all need to be aware that it exists. If you live in a hermetically sealed bubble though you might not have seen it but Facebook is an all-pervasive online social network that allows you to connect with friends, family, co-workers and business associates. On it, you post information about yourself, your activities, photos, videos and just about anything else you care to share with your network of contacts. It also has strong search capabilities so you can track down an old classmate, friends, and yes, an old girlfriend or boyfriend. And that is where it has come up in some recent divorce cases. Reconnecting with people your spouse would rather have you not reconnect. However, it is not just Facebook. It's MySpace if you're under 30 or instant messaging

Third Party Rights to Custody - Even a babysitter?

An Illinois case going through the court right now is testing the limits of how far can a court go in awarding custody to non-parents. Usually it is a grandparent, aunt or step parent that tries to challenge a natural parent's rights to custody. In a case I am following, a babysitter was recently awarded temporary custody of a minor she cared for. As more comes available, I'll update. Source: