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Final Prove-Up Dates in 2010

The Will County Clerk's Office helps schedule final court dates ("prove-up") in agreed or default divorce cases. You have a choice to schedule one with the judge that has your case or with the prove-up judge whose court dates are listed below through the end of 2010. The benefit of the prove-up judge is that is all he does on these dates. Your regular judge handles much more in a morning and so you can get delayed in court. In either case, you must have all your paperwork together and in proper order before any judge will approve your divorce . 2010 Prove-up dates: June 11, 17, 29, 30 July 15, 29, 30 Aug 13, 30 Sept 16, 29, 30 October 21, 29 November 29 December 10, 16, 30 To schedule you must call the motion desk at (815) 740-8015