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Parent with custody can be ordered to pay child support

In re Marriage of Turk               Generally, a parent awarded custody receives percentage child support set at the statutory rate which is basically a percentage of net pay (after tax, union dues, medical & dental insurance premiums and several other defined deductions). However in a recent case, the Illinois Supreme Court stated that the rule is not inflexible.               In re Marriage of Turk , the parties had two children  ages 17 and 15 and the father was awarded custody of them by agreement. The mother had some expanded visitation with the younger child having (in addition to alternating weekends) Monday to Wednesday mornings. This schedule gave her nearly equal time with that younger child. There was however a gross disparity in income with the father earning about $150,000 per year and that the mother earning less than $10,000 per year. The father wanted all child support for him to be terminated because he was awarded custody, i.e. "the residential pa