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My first Video! 2016 Divorce Law Changes in Illinois


New Statewide Financial Affidavit for family law cases approved by the Illinois Supreme Court

As part of the new divorce statute that became effective in 2016, the Supreme Court developed a new Financial Affidavit to be used in all family law cases, specifically when there are motions filed for temporary child support or temporary spousal maintenance. I'm quite familiar with the new form because I was one of three  members of the Illinois Supreme Court’s Commission on Access to Justice, Subcommittee on Standardized Forms responsible for coming up with the initial drafts of the form. The form went through public comment and then approval by the Supreme Court. Here is a link to the new form that becomes effective as of April 7, 2016. Financial Affidavit (Family and Divorce Cases)     Here are some other general instructions on filling out this Financial Affidavit form: A.     If you are familiar with using PDFs, you should fill out the Affidavit on your computer, save it, print it, sign it and then send back the completed PDF. This is the preferred method because