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Dedicated Prove Up Dates in 2012 - Documents needed for a prove-up

If you trying to get a divorce without an attorney, here are a few tips but there is much more to this than setting the court date up correctly. This is only a partial list. You should consult an attorney at least once before doing this on your own. Dedicated Prove Up Date in 2012 (dates to schedule the final date for agreed or default divorces). You can schedule for Judge Nash's call but make sure you have all your paperwork ready including: Judgment with all terms of agreement or separate Martial Settlement Agreement Affidavit Waiving 2 Year Separation (if required)  Completed Withholding Notice and Order (if child support or maintenance paid); Parenting Class Certificate (if minor children);  "Certificate" required for data purposes (get from court clerk) If there is a pension or 401(k) division you will need additional paperwork to get that done. If a default case: proof of service of Summons and Petition for Dissolution and any other inform