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BIG Fines for Employers who don't comply BUT child support withholding order MUST be complete Appellate Court Rules

The case of   Schultz v. Performance Lighting, Inc. (2nd Dist 2013) highlights the absolute importance of fully completing a withholding order for support AND a client's interest in giving their attorney all of the information necessary to successfully handle their case. I often tell client's "information is ammunition to your attorney" if you give me none, I have nothing to fight with for you. This includes even mundane information like the obligor's social security number. It is the law in Illinois that if the employer of someone order to pay support does not honor the withholding order, there can be serious liabilities. In this case, the mother was owed child support through a withholding order and tried to enforce the law that says the employer can be liable for up to $100 a day for refusing to honor a withholding order. This is a serious situation and employers have been fined for tens of thousands of dollars for this. In the case referenced abo