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Text Message Evidence - Will it hurt you in a divorce?

Evidence that your spouse is cheating is not always very relevant in divorce cases. Illinois is a "no fault" state meaning that even if your wife has slept with every sailer in the Navy, it doesn't necessarily mean much to the judge. However, in certain cases it does have an impact such as where there is a premarital agreement that makes it relevant or there is a custody dispute and your moral character comes into light. However, it may be relevant to the judge if the kids are exposed to the cheating. It can also show up in the dissipation (wasting) of marital assets. Court's will take notice of marital money spent on the cheating spouse's significant other. Dissipation occurs when one spouse spends marital money on a non-marital expense at the time the marriage has broken down. There's a lot more to it than that so you should consult with an attorney if this is going on. What can you do to avoid the problem? Not cheat is one suggestion. Also, there are now