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Obtain your free credit report from all three credit bureaus

Many divorces are driven by financial problems, losses of jobs or even another spouse mis-using and abusing credit. In most every divorce I advise clients that I can only do as good a job as the information that was provided to me. This means going to the source of documents. One such source for your financial standing is getting a copy of your credit report - which you can get for free. Free Annual Credit Report Here is the web address to get a credit report from  all three credit bureaus: .  Beware of scams or websites that require you to pay for your credit report because you can get it free at this website. This is the same website the Federal Trade Commission recommends .  Note the free annual credit report can only be obtained once per year and does not include your FICO credit score. To obtain your credit score, you may wish to go directly to the company that produces them:

Doctor Database Back Online

Doctor Data Back Online  (follow this link) The Illinois Supreme Court has lifted the hold on a database that gives information on lawsuits against doctors and chiropractors. This database also gives a lot of other information on your doctor such as where he or she was educated, where they have privileges (what hospitals they are allowed in) and a host of other information such as what insurance plans they take. The database was taken offline last year after the Illinois Supreme Court said a medical malpractice reform law was unconstitutional.