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Zoom Contact for Will County Family Law Judges

Old Courthouse: 14 West Jefferson Street; Joliet, IL  New Courthouse: 100 West Jeffersoin Street, Joliet, IL Divorce Judges: Judge Archambeault (Rm 701 – old 313) Login ID: 951 2005 0302 Password: 313   Judge Dow (Rm 704 – old 312): Login ID:  958 2123 0845 Password:  753923   Judge Ewanic (Rm 705 – old 308) Login ID:  955 6908 6067 Password:  011645   Judge Garcia (Rm 702 – old 307): Login ID:  756 136 6153 Password:  30734   Judge Kennison (Rm 703 – old 306): Login ID:  972 3796 2180 Password:  578874 Paternity Judges: Judge Lund (Rm 603 – old 301): Login ID:  860 206 7112 Password:  301301   Judge Nash (Rm 601 – old 300): Login ID:  984 7035 0576 Password:  574662 NOTE: As of June 18, 2021, Zoom is still with us but you should check your last court order to see what it says about your next court date. Many judges are moving back to in person court and if you have a case into later this Summer, it may change by then if it

Masks Come Off at the Will County Courthouse - June 14, 2021

Will County's Chief Judge just announced that at the Will County Courthouse masks will no longer  be required in very courtroom for persons who ar vaccinated. This applies only if you are more than three weeks after your second Pfizer or Moderna shot (or two weeks after your single Johnson and Johnson shot). Those coming to the courthouse who are not vaccinated will still need to wear a mask and social distance themselves. This also does not apply to those going into any area where prisoners are being held or CDC guidelines require masks. Here is link to the Administrative Order