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Trial and Hearing Call Status WIll County Family Courts

Have a hearing date tomorrow morning (9:30) or trial (afternoon) and want to find out if the court is going to hear your case? Call (815) 727-5651 to hear if your judge is open in the a.m. (morning hearings) or afternoon (trials). HOWEVER, court dates and trials are regularly changed at the last minute so you can't rely solely on this . In other words, YOU SHOULD APPEAR, if anything so you can get a new date.

Deadbeats Don't Drive (and sometimes even if you're not a deadbeat)

In Illinois the Family Financial Responsibility Act, allows the courts and the child support collection services of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS) to suspend the driver's license of parents that falls behind in making court-ordered child-support payments. The law outlines two ways for this to happen: 1) Court Ordered Suspension A Will County judge may rule that a parent is at least 90 days behind on child support payments. The court notifies the Secretary of State's office that the parent is in contempt of court for failure to pay child support. The Record of Non-Payment of Court Ordered Child Support Family Responsibility Law is completed, certified by the court and submitted to the Secretary of State's office which results in the pending suspension being loaded onto the driving record. The Secretary of State's office notifies the driver that a license suspension will become effective in 60 days. The suspension can be avoided if