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Is Illinois Set to Make Same Sex Marriages Legal?

Our illustrious state assembly was back at work this week and upon their return after the general election, they got right down to business. No, not the business they need to get to, i.e. pension reform. Instead they started legislation on: drivers’ licenses for undocumented citizens ( SB 957 ), legalized marijuana for medical use ( HB 30 ), expanding gambling ( SB 1849 ), required posting of tax returns for private corporations ( SB 282 ), AND legalized same sex marriage ( HB 5170 ), Quite a busy session - of course on nothing that addresses our collapsing state financial standing. (but I digress). On the same sex marriage: here is what the current legislation would do. It is called the " Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act" and provides that all Illinois laws applicable to marriage would apply equally to marriages for spouses of the same-sex. It would entitle all married couples to receiving the same benefits, protections, and responsibilities under l