Child Support Collection - Illinois Department of Health & Family Services - Account Review

If you are involved in a case where the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services (HFS) is either: 1) helping you get child support OR 2) collecting child support from you, then you may need to get an "Account Review" done if you do not agree with the balance HFS shows as being owed in this case. You can request an "Account Review" from HFS for court purposes and/or to show that the amount indicated by HFS as being owed is incorrect. You will need to send them a request to do this in writing and attach all of the court orders, payment ledgers and other documents that help you establish what you want to prove. For example, if a payment was made but not recorded by HFS, then you will want to provide a copy of the returned check proving the payment.

Here is a link to an Information Sheet from HFS and then a SAMPLE form letter I created as a suggested form to look at to make the request. You may need to modify the letter to suit your situation.

Link to Info Sheet and SAMPLE Letter

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